Prayer and Counseling Ministry

Pentecostal Anointing Church

The prayer and counseling ministry will report directly to the head pastor at all times and mainly responsible for all correspondence prayer needs of the entire church, new converts and other counselees. It is also the main prayer force that will sustain the activities and existence (Prayer pillar) of the church.

– This ministry will organized and lead all related spiritual needs of the church.

– Prayer /fasting sessions as will be directed by pastor

– Lead the church in to mission/follow ups (evangelistic crusades/outreaches)

– Organized outreach /crusade to win souls

– Prepare Bible study material and lead Bible studies as will be directed by pastor.

– Prepare Bible materials for follow up of new convert

– Organize retreats for its members and the entire congregation

– Arrange for counseling materials for the church

– Organize counseling session for family’s, youth, adult etc.

– Handle intercessory prayers of the church.

There is another large proportion of young people who do not even have any professions in mind. The Prayer and Counseling ministry will deploy the wealth of experiences and skills of its members and other in put from outside the church to provide career guidance to young boys and girls within the neighborhood. Visit and pray for the sick in selected health centers/hospitals, correctional facilities, and households in the neighborhood.

– Will meet and plan all prayer and fasting program for the church.

Our able team of counselors are ready to listen to your concerns and pray with you on any challenge that you might be going through

( Isaiah 49:15-16)

Sexual experiences mostly begin with love relationships, influenced by peer pressure. Many young people hold the view that love relationships or basic friendship between the opposite sexes should end in sex, and rush towards this end prematurely – without enough information about sex, and knowledge about the consequences. The Prayer and Counseling ministry will educate young people to abstain from sex until marriage, in adherence to the principles of Christianity, and also to prevent unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.


The prayer and counseling ministry will prepare and present an annual budget to leadership.

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