Pentecostal Anointing Church

Pentecostal Anointing Church of God is a contemporary and loving fellowship of committed believers worshipping together, seeking to reconcile people to Christ, nurture them in Him and involve them in Ministry to one another and the world. To accomplish this goal:

– We organize, encourage and promote the study of the Bible.

– Make disciples and bring them to spiritual maturity.

– Develop a family of believers with a personal burden for evangelism.

– Develop in our people a love and appreciation for Pentecostal Anointing Church of God, as well as a dynamic commitment to its missions emphasis; also to feed the hungry and poor no matter his race, culture, social condition or religion and give a place to sleep and clothes to the homeless and help them to come back in to their families and community.

– To perform and conduct prayer and worship services, to teach, practice and conduct religious rituals and ceremonies, to hold and conduct bible classes and Sunday school programs, to foster advance and promote the practice of the religious beliefs of the church, to organize and conduct religious discussions among the members of this Corporation and with other individuals and religious groups, to increase, foster and advance the understanding of Godly Christian principlesand ideals among others belonging to different faiths; to create and establish programs to further such principles and ideals; to stimulate interest in and foster the religious development of people seeking such instructions; to endeavor to maintain high morals and ethical standards in men and women of all ages; to offer information and referral services to the general public, to aid and assist in obtaining available social services, heath care, immigration and naturalization services, employment opportunities and civil services; to alleviate human sufferings and distresses; to engage in charitable activities and service benefit the community; to offer aid, assistance, encouragement and support poor and disadvantaged or otherwise needy individuals and groups; to secure and provide volunteers to offer such aid, and support, to initiate, established and promote civic, social and cultural programs and to foster spirit of friendship and benevolence among all people and generally to advance and promote in word and indeed the spiritual and material welfare of the congregation and its members.

NOTE: We will continually be evaluating our existing Ministry activities and programs and also be seeking the lord for the development of ministries.

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