Hospitality/Ushering Ministry

Pentecostal Anointing Church


(Nehemiah 4:16-23)

The Hospitality/ushering Ministry plays very important role in the worship service at all time during church service and all church events. It takes a special gift to be a welcoming person in the church. This ministry mostly drives on volunteers. They typically stand throughout the worship service at the doors or exits of the church, by the pews or close to the altar, ready to be of service. The ministry’s tasks are varied and critical to the flow and function of the worship service at all times as the head Pastor requires.

They are greeter and guide in the church (smart and sharp). This ministry position it self as often the first representative of the congregation whom visitors encounter when entering the church, and the hospitality ministry is responsible for conveying the best first impression to people assembling for worship (specially first timers).

Always remember that you will never get a second chance to make a first impression. That’s why the Hospitality ministry is so critical in a church that expects to grow. For instance the hospitality member are expected to greet church members with a “Welcome” when they come into the church since they are usually the first point of contact a newcomer will have on a Sunday morning. If they are met with genuine friendliness and a caring offer of assistance, guests and visitors will likely return. Individuals with the gift of welcome and hospitality are best suited for this service.

The duties and responsibilities of the ministry are varied than simply extending a warm welcome.

MUST FEEL A SENSE OF CALLING:– (Isaiah 6:1, Nehemiah 4:16-23)

BE DUTIFUL: Welcome all guest /members of the congregation to their seats

– If the church has a weekly bulletin or flier, it is typically the ‘hospitality ministry’s’ responsibility to hand this out to arriving visitors/ first timers, members as well If visitors arrive after the service has started, the team are responsible for escorting them to the nearest empty seat while causing as little disturbance to the service as possible

– Try and fill out seats in front first apart from the reserved seats

– Do not force people just suggest seats

– Guest with kids and elderly should be encouraged to sit closer to the aisles to facilitate movements
Show exits at the end of the service

– Taking care of the church facilities:- This may involve maintaining the church environment clean, supplies and equipment that pertain to the church service area. Pens, songbooks, pew Bibles and envelopes that are used by the church members need to be refreshed and replaced. These tasks are done before or after each service.

– Be proactive and ready to help out (especially those with kids and the elderly)

– Always make your partner aware if you need to vacate your post

– When unsure about any thing ask your team leader.

– Data collection forms will given to first timers during announcement so all must pay attention during service

– Reserved seats are for guest preachers or any guest if needed

– Arrange for refreshments

– Disabled guest are accorded necessary assistant and directed to their special seats

– No child should be allowed past main entrance or gate without an adult

– When unsure about anything please check with your leader

– Make sure you all don’t leave your post at the same time

– Line up and direct guests thru the exits (note exits will be through the right wing)

– Self Confidence

– Privilege to serve- Samuel 3:19-20

– Be a people person

– Use your skills to inspire the visitors

– Service to the Lord –Hebrew 10:23-25, I Corinthians 7:24



– Looking smart
– Well ironed dress
– Polished shoes
– Combed Hair
– Don’t take yourself too seriously



– Established Eye Contact

– Be Approachable

– Concentrate on your mission



– Walk chest-out

– Raised shoulders

– Walk gently in the iris

– Build an Image



Especially those with children, aged, guest speakers/preachers: -Members of the congregation with special needs may require the team to help them find a place to sit among the congregation. Visitors/first timer who use wheelchairs or have other physical disabilities may require the hospitality ministry to show them the handicap-accessible entryways and areas of the church and also same for any vision-impaired visitors with finding seating safely.

– Show concern

– Be sensitivity

– Understanding & helping difficult personalities –Rom 12:18

– Understanding personality Types

– Be dependable & accountable

– Follow the service

– Any other Assistance may also assist members of the congregation in finding available seats on days when the pews are especially full.



The Lord’s Supper is celebrated as the participation in and remembrance of the body of Christ. It is an important part of church service. The hospitality ministry will therefore direct the congregation to the altar to receive the communion from the pastors and also controlling the flow of traffic at all times.



– Kids should constantly be with adults (ushers in charge)

– Do not allow kids beyond the main door/gates

– Accompany them to the washrooms as well

– Plan washroom visits for all kids if possible



– Be alert

– Know when to ignore

– Never reprimand while angry

– Don’t harbor a grudge

– Learning to use confrontation as an opportunity to grow

– Referred difficult issues to group leader


– The hospitality team must be ready to offer general assistance and knowledge of the church service at all times and its proceedings to any member of the congregation who requires it. (Should thoroughly familiarize him/herself with the order of the church service to answer any brief questions that visitors or first timers may have, such as when parts of the service begin or end.)

– Know the location of the washrooms, fire exits, sanctuary, Sunday school and infant rooms etc.

– Help to keep order during altar calls and Communion, showing members where to stand and where to walk in the aisles.

– In an emergency, church members may call upon an usher to help keep order and escort everyone out safely.



– Make sure the pulpit is always clean and be sure water is made available on the pulpit also.



– Pray as a team

– Business Prayer:-Nehemiah 4:16-23


NB: Orientation will be provided for all Ministries.

– All members of the hospitality ministry must show great commitment to the work. And must not display any level of ignorance about their specific duties.

– Remember not to create an impression that the ushering job is an escape for ‘idleness’ and an opportunity to chat around during the church service. (it’s a privileged to c serve in this ministry-Nehemiah 4:16-23)

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