Pastoral Council

Pentecostal Anointing Church

Pentecostal Anointing Church Of God (PACOG) would like to thank all of you, our cherished followers, board of trustees and patrons, for your continued support for our ministry with your presence, your presents, and all your prayer support.

Please keep following our ministry, and stay blessed!!


Pentecostal Anointing Church Of God (PACOG) is made up of several departments; the Prayer and Counseling, evangelistic, Music, Children Service, Youth department, food and kitchen pantry, women fellowship, media.

The pastoral council is made up of all pastors and it’s the highest decision making body of the church, which is headed by the head Pastor of the church.

Pastoral Council is a unique form of counseling which uses spiritual resources as well as psychological understanding for healing and growth. Pastoral Council will bring good planning guide, healing, hope, and wholeness to individuals, families, and communities by expanding and equipping spiritually grounded and non spiritual members and provide good care and counseling to all.

The Pastoral Council will research psychological as well as spiritual resources for healing and growth of the church members and the entire community.


– Planning and supervising all activities of the church (meet and plan annual calendar for the church)

– Meet occasionally to evaluate the progress and improvement of the church.

– Directly responsible to the head pastor who is the head of this team

– Council can invite any member of the church to occasionally be part of their meetings if the need be.

– Act as the main prayer pillars of the church.

– Responsible for all financial and spiritual decisions of the church subjected to the head pastors approvals.

– The council act as an advisory body to the head Pastor at all times and can call for the cancellation of a program if they find it fit.

– Assist members for the church at all times. (be concerned about the welfare of church members)

– Give the head pastor all the necessary support needed to grow the church.

Choosing the right members:

– Planning is a very personal art. So it works best if you have people who are comfortable work with. Here are some issues you might want to consider when you’re choosing the council members

– The council act as the counselors of the church and supervised by the head pastor professionally to ensure they practice safely?

– Is there someone I can go to within the counselor’s organization or professional association if I have a problem with them? (Church members)

– Does the counselors meet my needs in terms of their gender, culture, understanding of sexuality, etc?(in church counseling)

– How flexible will they be if I need to change the time of our meetings?

– Can they offer me ways of continuing to build my skills and confidence once my counseling is finished? Are they competent;

– Does these members have the knowledge, skills and experience to work with the sort of issues I have?

– If I have issues involving other people, is the counselor able to work with a wider group of people?

– Does the counselor have a professional development plan that shows their skills and knowledge that are up to date?

– Will they recognize the strengths and resources I already have and help me build on these rather than acting as the “expert”?

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