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Pentecostal Anointing Church

Media & Information:

The zeal to spread the gospel is the first and foremost priority for every church (Ministry) the church see’s this primary aim for our existence in the community it finds it’sself and envisages that the Media and Information Ministry in the shortest possible time be able to help carry this Vision and Mission of church ‘Preaching Christ today for a better tomorrow’ to our visually-driven, ever-changing world through the use of Modern technology and media. The church would become ‘a household name’ first within the community and the surrounding areas which is our 1st target audience. Matthew 28:18-20 on which this standard framework will be operated.

Role of the ministry

The media and information ministry is to provide the following technical support required for:

– Our worship services

– Work behind the scenes to record various events both audio/visuals, making it possible to sell on weekdays and Sunday services.

– Sets up all necessary equipments and ensures they run smoothly for all services.

– Manage and maintain all amplified sound (PA. System) recordings, Screen presentations, Web pages and other forms of communication.

– Make available teachings/sermons which available on cd’s/DVD’s/MP3/MP4/AVI/Imovie and In any needed formants for viewing/broadcasting on out website/facebook/you tube etc.

– Package messages for all church activities. Eg leaflets, banners, Newspaper etc.

– The media team is equipped to provide significant experience and knowledge to helping the various ministries to achieve their goals. (use digital and all the required electronic media as a worship and outreach tool in this dispensation)

– The media ministry team is responsible for all of the technical functions of the church.

– Creating and distribution of audio and Videos of sermons through live stream on the church’s website/facebook/you tube.

– Timely delivering of all products.

– Occasional training for media team to know how to access any new system and how to produce quality work.

– Improvement on our screen presentations and prompt

– Provide consistency on graphics, openings montage, timing, presentations at all times

– Improve on teamwork.



– By advertising the media will bring funds to the department. Eg. Coverage for weddings and other non -church functions at a good price.

– Creation of promotional flyers and graphics in house and for others churches as well. (Doing all in house will help us save money)

– Rentals for other churches/people who uses the premises for functions for a token.

– Church customized T-shirts, bags, souvenirs, cups etc selling at a discounted price.



There are many opportunities for people to serve in the media/information ministry. The media team will help all who are interested to service in this regard. (All interested to join the media team will be given the needed know-how to service and have fun in the

process!) Volunteers from mostly among the youth Ministry will be welcome. Those who choose to serve in this ministry can find great fulfillment in being part of a team who love the Lord.



To represent the church in a great, sincere and in a warm, loving way that exemplifies the true nature and sprit of the Pastor and Leadership in presenting the church information to the entire congregation in a timely and accurate manner; eg. Announcement to welcome guest of every church with openness, acceptance and in love

– A member of the church family

– Clear articulate voice

– Representative of pastor, leadership and the church

– Faithful and consistent in church attendance

– Should be able to exhort members by way of announcement

– Be very serviceable and help (leadership by example)




Operator and/or editor for special productions.(eg recording events and testimonies or creating short videos for web site use or promotion of ministries.)


– Director: the director is in charge of recording the worship service. He or she instructs the camera operators and chooses which camera will be recording or sent to the screens during service. Watching the video monitors for each camera in the control session and using the switcher to choose the camera wanted at each time.

– Video cameras: the camera operators will work behind the camera during services and acts on the team director’s supervision.

– Video/screen presenters: (easy worship/all computer works) also located in the media session or control session. He or she will work on the computers and video switcher board. Changing lyrics, announcements, slideshows and any other input needed by the team leader will be projected on the screens. Will also be in charge of photography at all times. WEB/News paper: Writing, editing or photography skills will the used to frequently update and for publications. Desktop publishing software like in design, Photoshop Elements coral draw or others that are similar for layout and image creation will be used. There is a constant need to promote announcements and events through our web site, signage and other digital media.

– The Sound Engineer: He or she will control the volume levels for all microphones and instruments used on the stage. Mixed in the media session or control session. Makes sure all batteries have been charged for each service. Report any electrical issues to the media team leader.


Annual report/Budgeting: prepare a yearly report and put up and estimate for any physical build up that the ministry may need for expansion

NB: Orientation will be provided for all Ministries

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